Dedicated Abstract Art Gallery

The Connection Gallery
14, Finkle Street, Thirsk
North Yorkshire YO7 1DA
T: 01845 868010

Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: 11am - 3pm
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About Me

Abstract Art Gallery, The Connection Gallery, THIRSK
Thank you for taking a look at my website and here's a little about me and the gallery....

Over the years I have travelled the world on business, soaking up the different cultures and taking the opportunity to visit and capture the pure essence that other countries have to offer. I feel particularly privileged that I have been able do this. My interest in art doesn't just stop with abstract, I have great pleasure in admiring every genre of art and admire the work of very many talented artists. I am captivated by the likes of Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and Mark Rothko. Art has always been a passion but it was only just recently I seized the opportunity to open my own art gallery in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

The Connection Gallery is in Finkle Street and my work now adorns the walls alongside photography by Richard Gladstone who manages gallery. Richard specialises in urban structures and night-time photography.

My work is very diverse and I use various techniques and styles and every viewer will derive a different meaning from them. It is not for me to persuade people that they should see, but for visitors to my gallery to connect with the work through what they should see, hence the name "The Connection Gallery". Each and every piece of work is original and truly a one off, never to be repeated, no work will be copied or sold as prints.

Inspiration for most of my work has been taken from my travels and represents, colour, texture and culture. Other work is doing what most artists do and that is being very creative.

So why don't you pop in, take a look, have a coffee and enjoy the work on show and we also exhibit local ceramicists.


I do accept a limited number of private commissions each year, every piece developed and tailored by the clients brief. For more information about this, you can phone the gallery on 01845 868010 or pop into the gallery were Richard will take some details and I will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.


To see Richard's photography - click here

Thank you

Dave Waddington